Skrillex dating ellie goulding

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But, this indie It Couple may need some help planning romantic nights out thanks to jam-packed schedules and mobs of fans. A Day at the Salon Skrillex is one of the few musicians whose female fans dress like him—at least from the neck up.

So El, Skril—I’m here to help with a few handy dandy date ideas. His half-shaved head has (sadly) become uber-trendy, ditto with his snake bite piercings.

I think he's a genius."As for the fate of their collaboration, Ingrosso wasn't sure.

Friends initially thought that Ellie's relationship with bodyguard Bobby was set to last but the couple have cooled their romance although they remain friends.

It’s almost like what a radio DJ does.”“The thing about Joel is that he’s kind of in his own lane.

I have no real idea who would find dubstep artist Skrillex attractive, but luckily for him, super cute British songbird Ellie Goulding does.

There wasn't a lot of deep conversation then, and more often than not the sex-havers would prove incredibly annoying in the moments when they weren't having sex, but there was a certain amount of intimacy in those moments that made you feel like you were getting a look at the private lives of the rich and famous.

That's the same feeling we're getting from the new video for Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding's "I Need Your Love," which plays like a celebrity sex tape with all the actual sex parts taken out, right down to the self-shot cinematography.

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Brittany Mahaney is a regular contributor to and the former Online Editor.To stir up some inspiration, here’s a pic of Ellie tumbling off a Segue scooter. Back in the days when celebrity sex tapes were still a thing, our favorite moments were always the interstitial moments pre- or post-boning, when the celebrities would record themselves drinking champagne, lolling around in bed or hanging out on a boat.They're so in love that a certain ex of Goulding can't help but be a little sad.You know those couples that wear matching preppy polo shirts?

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