Divorced men with kids dating

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Critics of the campaign say that divorce law changes would make divorce easier and more frequent.

Researchers from the Uncertain Futures group, which is funded by the Government's Economic and Social Research Council and Medical Research Council, based their findings on the experiences of children born in 1958.

This presumption that women own their children obviously has a biological basis, which has become hardwired in our collective psyche and written into our laws.

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The findings, which add to overwhelming evidence gathered over decades that children are badly harmed by family breakup, say that the impact of a divorce does not wear off as a child grows, but instead casts a shadow throughout their life.

The role which is reserved for the secondary parent is unfair, unequal and for many, a deeply unfulfilling way to experience parenthood.

The family courts may well apply their rules fairly, but this is not the point.

Some 9,000 children who took part the National Child Development Study have been followed throughout their lives.

It said those who suffer family break-up or other harm early in life are most likely to be out of work in their mid-50s because of long-term illness.'Those who face adversities during childhood, such as abuse, neglect, illness, parental absence or divorce, faced diminished employment prospects in later life, primarily due to permanent sickness,' the report found.

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