Dating love community village

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Maggie hinted that even if local people are curious about her background, so far no one has said anything.

I have heard elder monks and nuns share with non-monastic sincere practitioners that it is wise to develop a partnership with someone who shares our spiritual path, because of the support, inclusion, and harmony it fosters throughout our life.

So often in Wake Up communities, we are both opening up to our deepest aspirations to love all beings as well as navigating through attractions to so many kind, caring, intelligent, creative, young, and good looking practitioners! Fortunately I know from conversations with some friends that I am not alone in this love dance, both in Wake Up and the Sangha at large.

On the one hand, the Sangha is wholesome, fertile ground for falling in love romantically with someone who shares our deepest values and spiritual calling. Truly, is there a better place to find a wonderful life partner than our spiritual community?

Fitting into village life Once a celebrated radio presenter in Shanghai, Maggie Zhang spoke to me about her experiences.

She and her Scottish husband moved to a village near York in North Yorkshire shortly after their marriage.

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