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Don’t be afraid though because they’re a lot more simple than you think.

Check out these 8 facts and tips about BB creams that you should know: The BB literally stands for "beauty balm" or "blemish balm." They were invented in Germany by Dr.

Photo Source: Shutterstock You can apply BB cream a number of ways, just like you would foundation.

You can use your clean fingers, a foundation brush, or a sponge.

Ivy also lets a tattoo artist to gracefully integrate different images on the body.

From the Latin tri quetrus or “three-cornered.” It is an endless three-cornered geometric that indicates the circle of life and the elements of earth, air, and water.

Christine Schrammek in the 1960s to help her clients protect their skin after getting laser treatments.

After that success, BB creams took off in Japan and South Korea in 1985. Photo Source: Shutterstock A lot of people think BB creams are just tinted moisturizers, but that's not true.

Don’t feel bad if you do, because chances are you’re not alone.

I love BB creams and have been using them for years.

I still use foundation and stuff too, but BB creams are perfect for days when I don’t need a lot of coverage or during the summer when everything feels like it’s melting off your face.

From the Greek for “gold flower,” it is the ultimate flower. Vines have been associated with Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. Early Christians viewed ivy creeping toward heaven as symbolic of the resurrection.

In China, it is a symbol of perfection and simplicity. Recently, ivy has been associated with fidelity and marital love.

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