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Extensive literatures dealing with the adverse impact of TBT in molluscs but in contrast only a few articles have addressed the effects of TBT on crustaceans.With reference to TBT toxicity, not much information is available on freshwater organisms especially on the commercially important species was studied with the analysis of survival rate, growth as a measure of body weight, GSI, HSI, histological, immunofluorescence, biochemical changes and quantification of vitellogenin, vitellin content and female specific hormones in different reproductive tissues of both control and TBT treated prawns.Rivers are very vulnerable towards pollution, since the industrial, domestic and farm effluents are directly released into them.

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Histological analysis appears to be a very sensitive parameter and is crucial in determining cellular changes that may occur in target organs [12].

It is well known that 17β-estradiol once secreted into the circulation, stimulates the hepatic production of vitellogenin, necessary for oocyte maturation [16].

Some studies have additionally assessed the impact of xenobiotics on endogenous steroid levels, which may in turn be an indication of altered steroid synthesis and metabolism [17].

Histological results indicated the normal ovarian development with vitellogenic oocytes, filled with yolk globules in control prawn.

On the other hand, the TBT treated groups showed reduction in yolk globules, fusion of developing oocytes and abundance of immature oocytes.

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