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We draw on our decade of experience in e-commerce, our strong training in research and analysis, and our established presence in nine countries to bring you the easiest Black Friday experience you could imagine, wherever you are.Black Friday is an international shopping event that originated in the United States.

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Finally, it’s easier to compare promotions online and make sure you’re getting the best deal available on the big day–especially with’s team of experts doing virtually all of the research for you.While some brick-and-mortar stores will open their doors right at midnight on Black Friday, others will wait for a more traditional opening hour.Online, deals will generally go live at midnight and some retailers will refresh them periodically throughout the day.Although our research traced the concept back to the 1950’s, the numbers reveal that it wasn’t until the 1980’s that it began to truly gain momentum.Since then, it’s clear that both retailers and shoppers have embraced the concept and it has become a regular fixture of the festive period.

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